Industrial Services

Alltrade Post Ltd Logistics Consulting can help you reconfiguring, expanding, relocating, replacing, or refining your distribution center or warehouse so it works in the most efficient way.
Common operational issues :-

High materials handling cost, Inaccurate inventory data, slow order handling processes, rising resource costs, incorrect orders and customer dissatisfaction are just a few of the expensive consequences of inefficient warehouse operations.

Under performing operations share three common problem areas:-
Warehouse Layout – Poor racking configurations and equipment positioning in relation to the materials flows.
Materials flows & Processes – Inefficient inbound & outbound materials flows.
Information flows – Poor administration processes that slow down the information flows.

Step 1 – Warehouse Layout
We have the very best in warehouse layout design capability:-
Experienced design consultants.
The very latest 3D design software tools.
Optimised solutions with racking & storage space that is flexible in its design.
Maximum use of available warehouse layout space.

Step 2 – Materials Flows & Processes
We use work flow tools and techniques to optimise the processes:-
Our Consultants are lean logistics specialists, delivering the most efficient materials & process flows possible.
We have the very latest in warehouse layout work flow design tools, that allow us to optimise your warehouse materials flows.

Step 3 – Information Flows
We use Value Stream Process Mapping techniques to uncover delays and non value added activities:-
Our consultants use value stream mapping tools & techniques to ensure that all administration & information flows are designed in such a way as to be synchronised to the warehouse layout and materials flows.
Our consultants are logistics professionals who have the knowledge and skills to stream-line administrative tasks, to ensure they do not add delay to the inbound or outbound work flows.

Business Benefits & Deliverable
Many times without using complex WMS technology we apply uncomplicated and effective warehouse layout methods and processes that improve (often dramatically) existing warehouse operations.

Our service will deliver:-
1. Reduce handling costs in storage and order picking
2. Streamlined materials flows & administration processes.
3. Increase productivity
4. Improved performance for picking and put away
5. Increased space and equipment utilisation
6. Reduce labour Costs
7. Efficient materials handling and storage